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Preserving the History and Heritage of Walton County, Florida

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Walton county Heritage Association Board Members

Marie Hinson



Carolyn Brown

Vice- President Museum


Wayne Sconiers

Vice-President Genealogy


Mary Lancaster



Sam Carnley



Sharon Grenet

Special Events Coordinator


Lisa Simmons

Docent Coordinator


Sandy Jack Brown

Board Member


Cate Campbell

Board Member

Bruce Cosson

Board Member


Anita Harris

Board Member


Nell Carnley

Board Member


Craig Reynolds

Board Member


Rose Rogers

Board Member


Janice Sconiers

Board Member


Rev. Tyrone Broadus

Board Member


The Walton County Heritage Association Board Members are actively involved in promoting the history and culture of Walton County, Florida. Candidates come from our membership. In order to qualify for a position on the board a candidate must have been a WCHA member for one year.


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