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Contents: Walton Relations


October 2009
Column: Second Anniversary
            “Magnolia Cemetery Project” by Wayne Sconiers
            Resources [1-4]
            Pedigree Charts
On the Bookshelf

November 2009
Column: Genealogy Computer
            “Genealogy: How to Get Started” by Wayne Sconiers
            Resources [5-7]
            “Medical Terminology” by Diane Merkel
            On the Bookshelf
            Cemeteries Update

December 2009
Column: Genealogy Printer
            “Genealogy: It’s All About Sharing” by Wayne Sconiers
            “Military Spotlight: Julian Mitcheon” by Wayne Sconiers
            Resources [8-11]
            “My Favorite Websites, Part One” by Wayne Sconiers

January 2010
Column: Newspaper Archive
            “25 Most Popular Genealogy Blogs” by Heather Henderson of ProGenealogists.com
            “Military Spotlight: 1st Lt. Ewart T. Sconiers” by Pamela Sconiers Whitelock
            Resources [12-15]
            “My Favorite Websites, Part Two” by Wayne Sconiers

February 2010
Column: Two Events of Interest
            “Evans Funeral Home (Florala, Alabama) Records” by Mary Ellen Wexler
            “Pioneer Corner: The Waldens of Walton County” by Jane Walden Miller
            “My Favorite Websites, Part Three” by Wayne Sconiers

March 2010
Column: Cemetery Project
            “Ten Reasons to Join a Local Genealogy Society, Part 1” by Kathleen W. Hinckley, Genealogy.com
“Pioneer Corner: The Dried Lima Bean Disaster of 1917” by Janet Walden Miller
On the Bookshelf
“Online Family Trees” by Wayne Sconiers

April 2010
Column: 2010 History Fair
            “Cook’s Corner: Cooking My First Greens” by Joan Ray Godwin
            “Military Spotlight: Elton Dewey Peacock” by Janet Walden Miller
            “Ten Reasons to Join a Local Genealogy Society, Part 2” by Kathleen W. Hinckley, Genealogy.com

June 2010
Column: New WCGS Web Pages
            “Returning Home” by Barbara McClellan Moore
            “Internet Online Message Boards” by Wayne Sconiers

August 2010
Column: Santa Rosa Beach is 100!
            “The Piney Woods of Portland and Basin Bayou” by Julia T. Cadenhead
            Walton County Researchers
            More Cemetery Listings
            “Protecting Your Records [Before the Next Hurricane]” by Burt Altman, Tallahassee Genealogist
            “Census Instructions” by Diane Merkel

September 2010
Column: Genealogy Society News
            “A Walton County Mystery” by Joan Ray Godwin


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