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Contents: Walton Relations


October 2020
The Ayala Expedition of 1693 Revisited

December 2020
Uncle Bully Cawthon
Story of the First White Settlement on the Shores of Lake Jackson

January 2021
Eucheeanna: A Town That Might Have Been

February 2021
Some Historical Places and People of Walton County, Florida:
• Scots, Indian Relations in Early Walton County
• Cattle Drives in Walton County
• Almarante

March 2021
The News from Florala:
• Accidentally Shot
• Statement of William Patrick
• Laurel Hill Items
• Forest Fires in Walton
• About Hay Burners

April 2021
Emeline Soule Rose (1842 - 1892)

May 2021
The Descendants of Enos and Jesse Evans

July 2021
Ghentsville Park: New Recreational Site Comes to Paxton

August 2021
Unearthing Walton County History: What Bruce Cosson Does by Metal Detector

September 2021
Walton County One Hundred Years Ago

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