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Contents: Walton Relations


October 2014
Coffee Pot Restaurant
            Websites You May Have Missed
            Heritage Books
            The 1865 Election in Walton County

November 2014
Pinterest for Genealogy
            Voluntary Militia Companies in Walton County

January 2015
History Detectives
            Chestnut Trees, Knights and Priests: Once Upon a Time in Walton County

February 2015
Meaning of “At Half Mast”
            Walton County’s Black Public Officials, 1867-1924
            Children’s Home Community: The Origin of the Name

March 2015
History Detectives
            The W. H. Wesley Family of Point Washington

April 2015
Chautauqua Video
            Captain William McPherson – After the Walton Guards

May 2015
History Detectives
            The Holtons of Wisconsin, Part 1

June 2015
New to Our Library
            The Holtons of Wisconsin, Part 2

August 2015
Funeral Home Records
            Miramar Beach Was Once Shoals, Florida – Part 1

September 2015
September and October Family Reunions
            Miramar Beach Was Once Shoals, Florida – Part 2

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