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Contents: Walton Relations


October 2015
Genealogy Events This Month
            Deaths at Vicksburg
            6th Florida Infantry Regiment

November 2015
Forensic Genealogy
            Deaths Without Certificates
            The History of Hatcher Cemetery in Freeport

January 2016
History Detectives
            John Westley Carnley: A Genealogy (Part One)

February 2016
Confederate Pensions
            John Westley Carnley: A Genealogy (Part Two)

March 2016
History Detectives
            Major Public Land Laws of the United States of America

April 2016
Protect Your Research!
            The Portland Collection

May 2016
The Rooming House Collection
            Web Sources for Military Records of Walton County Veterans

July 2016
Upcoming Reunions
            What Is the Story of This Real Photo Post Card Sent from Walton County?

August 2016
History Detectives
  Grannie’s Grave

September 2016
Genealogy Society Changes
            History of Miller Community Cemetery

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