D. W. McCallum

A Very Sudden and Unexpected Death

On the morning of the 30th ult. Mr. D.W McCallum, an elderly and highly respectable citizen, and only merchant of Euchee Anna came into DeFuniak looking and in the usual and ordinary greetings with the many friends he met, expressed himself as being quite well: in fact such was his last words as he met and shook hands with a friend in the Post Office at this place and at the going of the same breath fell to the floor a victim of death, at a single stroke of Apoplexy. We are not in possession of his family record, and therefore, do not know what his exact age was: but, from the best information we can gather he was 62 or 63 years of age – was born in Walton C., Fla. Near the place he lived at the time of his departure – was a son of one of the early pioneers to Euchee Valley, and was very properly considered one of the first settlers of this country. In both, public and private life, he had gained the confidence and esteem of all who knew him, had been for a number of years quite a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, and for the last 25 years of his life an elder of that Christian organization. The only surviving member of his family is a son, and we think, a partner in the mercantile business with his father. It was our fortune to be intimately acquainted with the deceased, and feel to know [illegible] that a true and good [illegible] faithful and tried citizen and Christian has fallen asleep to await the resurrection of the just. Peace to his slumbers. [signed] J.P. Darby


[Source: The DeFuniak Times, 3 May 1890; transcribed by Mary Ellen Wexler]

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