John Gillis McLean

The Late John G. McLean.

It will interest the many friends in this city of the late John G. McLean, tax assessor of Walton county, to learn the particulars of his tragic death, which are thus given in the DeFuniak Breeze of yesterday:

“The citizens of our usually quiet and peaceful community were shocked on Monday evening as they have not been before for a long time, by the announcement on the street that Mr. John G. McLean had shot himself. No one could believe for the instant but what it was an accident: but it soon came to be known that it was a deliberate suicide committed while under the influence of liquor.

“It seems that he had for some time past been drinking heavily of the vile stuff sold under the name of Jamaica ginger by parties in the eastern part of town, and Monday when he went home was considerably under the influence of it. Alter supper he told his wife that she would be troubled with him no longer and kissing his children went upstairs, and getting his revolver lay down on the bed and placing the muzzle of his weapon just over his right ear, pulled the trigger and literally blew out his brains.

Thus sadly ended the earthly career of one of Walton county’s most brilliant citizens. Open-hearted, frank and splendidly educated, his one fault kept him from ranking with the leading men of the state. But we will remember naught except his virtues.

“Mr. M’Lean was a native of this county, being born near Knox Hill in 1849. He received his education at the old Knox Hill Academy under the tutelage of Prof. Newton, graduating there with high honors. He followed the profession of teaching nearly all his life and was very successful. In January, 1892, he was appointed tax assessor to succeed Mr. Garrett, and was elected that year to succeed himself. He was prominently mentioned as a candidate for the same office this year.”


[Source: The Daily News, Pensacola,  22 June 1894, Page 4]

[Burial: Euchee Valley Cemetery, Eucheeanna]

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