Mrs. F. S. Heath

This community was thrown into the profoundest sorrow by the death of one of its most GENERALLY beloved citizens, the beautiful spirit of Mrs. FS Heath, passed over on the other shore so quietly, so sweetly, and so stealthily that it was gone forever ere we could bid it stay, the transition was so unmarked with pain, so unruffled with anxiety for the future, it was more like sleeping than crossing over the great River Jordan. She who lay before us today wrapt in such perfect peace, practiced no art to hide or conceal an honest conviction of right or wrong; [sincerity] was the true and perfect mirror of her mind. It was the very foundation of her character and [illegible] her to do her duty and maintain a conscience void of offense, she ever gave a truthful transcript of her mind and sought to make its meaning clear as light, she lived for those she so clearly loved with an unselfish devotion rarely seen. Sacred are the lips which ever championed the cause of the oppressed and maligned who never built up or tore down character on the opinions of others, but out of the depths of her own true nature she weighed them in the state of common justice to all. Life has been enriched by her stay and death robbed of its sting by her victory over it.

[Source: The DeFuniak Times, 27 April 1890; transcribed by Mary Ellen Wexler]

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