Robert E. Gatlin


Walton County Is Combed For Sheriff’s Slayer; Patrol in Charge


DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, (AP) — Ten squads of about 15 men each combed Walton county today for the slayer of Sheriff Bob Gatlin, who was killed yesterday when he tried to search a negro’s home for whisky.

Lieut Reid Clifton of the state highway patrol said the posses had not located Alfred Snipes, 39-year old negro sought as the person suspected of shooting the sheriff and severely beating his only deputy, Curtis Miller.

Director J J Gilliam of the state department of public safety assembled 10 highway patrolmen from surrounding counties to preserve order here pending appointment of another sheriff by Governor Holland.

There has been no disorder, Lieut Clifton reported, and “the search for the negro is being conducted In an orderly, thorough manner.”

Gatlin was shot and killed at Snipes’ home on the outskirts of DeFuniak Springs about 1 p. m. County Judge Edward Drake said he had issued a warrant for the search of the negro’s home, and that the warrant was found on a table in Snipes’ house.

Funeral services for Sheriff Gatlin will be conducted tomorrow.


[Source: Tallahassee Democrat, 13 November 1942, Page 1]

[Burial: Magnolia Cemetery, DeFuniak Springs]

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