Wallace M. Bolton

Wallace M. Bolton, 71, passed away Jan. 1, 2006. He was born June 8, 1934 in Portland, FL to Malberry and Lena Brown Bolton.

Bolton had been a life long resident of Walton County and had retired from the Walton County Road Department. He had worked as a heavy equipment operator. He was also a captain of a tug boat. Bolton loved fishing and hunting and especially enjoyed spending time with his family.

Bolton is survived by his wife, Dorothy Bolton, of Freeport, FL; one son, Hubert (Bubba) Vick, of Harold, FL; and four daughters, Sharon Davidson, of Carryville, FL, Wilma Stockbridge, of Wanette, OK, Mary Evans, of Pace, FL, and Adolphia (Jane) King also of Pace. Bolton is also survived by nine grandchildren; William Yates, Joshue Burch, Ray Stockbridge, Sandy Yaun, Nicki Yaun, Bennie Yaun, Devon Yaun, Maggie Vick, April Vick and Althea King; numerous great-grandchildren, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Memorialization was by cremation.

[Source: The DeFuniak Springs Herald, January 12, 2006]

[Burial: Cremation]